Sapphire Concept – the Summary of 25 year of innovation!

03.08.15, 07:15

To celebrate Eckert's 25th anniversary during the biggest machinery fair trades ITM, which were held in Poznań between 09 June 2015 and 12 June 2015, company presented several technical innovations, which aroused a great interest among the numerous visitors.

One of the innovations we are especially proud of is the plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machine Sapphire Concept with new bevel cutting head Vortex 3D, which allows precise sheet, pipe and steel section beveling and chamfering in a single cutting process. The cutting edge technology makes our cutting machine a universal tool able to work in three dimensions together with preparing welding phases (Y, V and K).

The cutting machine was awarded on numerous occasions and tested in severe manufacturing conditions. However, to meet our still growing customers' expectations concerning the quality of cutting, ergonomics and reliability the machine was technically boosted and its visual image was improved.

Sapphire Concept was equipped with advanced CNC controller construction, which was designed to fulfill the highest innovation and ergonomics requirements. Cutting machine Sapphire Concept, with its wide spectrum of possibilities, is a universal tool for the companies which value innovative solutions supported by the long years of experience.

Sapphire Concept thanks to the utilization of technological and software modernizations is well incorporated into Eckert's jubilee as its leitmotif is "25 years of innovation", and the machine is a worthy successor of the most frequently awarded cutting machine in Poland.


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